Dokumentation: Sådan fusker Joe The Juice

10. okt 2011
Læs her, hvad Joe The Juice skriver til kædens bar managers i en email den 11. juli 2011.

Hi Top-dogz!

Here is a notice if the authorities comes by, this is how we will answer and deal with this:

- APPLES, they get a bath in clean water from our supplier in France, after delivery we rinse them in water.

- FRUIT IN FRONT OF BAR (mainly apples), is only for display.

- EGENKONTROLLEN, make sure all your juicers are aware of this and know how to deal with it: cross of the tasks when done, temperatures on fridges and freezers taken and written down, like temperatures is taken on the goods we are getting delivered.

- DISHWASHER, keep it clean, the authorities is running a campaign at the moment where they look at dishwashers. Every corner and gap has to be cleaned. Allways rinse the canteens or whatever goes in there before we run the machine.

- CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING...can't be said enough, make sure floors are tidy and you get behind freezers, fridges and icecube machines to get all dirt out from there, and wash the floor. There must NOT be left any dirt AT ALL when you leave the bar. Mainly floor where we have corners and behind machines is where we have risks.
Also outside the bar in customer area needs to be held clean during day for customers sake, but also because if authorities enters a dirty customer area, they will start to look out for dirty spots everywhere behind the bar.

- In general there is a big challenge in keeping the right temperature in the cooling-graves where we keep, sliced chicken, turkey, serrano and mozzarella. When temperature is measured, it will NEVER be over 5°C when noted in the Egenkontrol!
If authorities measure a temperature higher, we will react surprised and say we didn't know, and we will immediately throw everything out.

- We are not allowed to wipe our hands in the white dishtowel(viskestykke), always use the paper-towels!!!
There will be a lot of dirt on the dishtowel, when wiping hands during day, so they will argue we do not get clean hands after wiping our hands here.

And let me know if you need new papers to fill out for the EGENKONTROL and CLEANING PROGRAMME?!

Come on guys! And let's agree we will never see a bad smiley in our bars again!
Do it JUICE-champs!

Yours sincerely

Grønnegade 10
1107 København K.
+45 XXX
[email protected]